PeakClimbing in Nepal

There are many adventurous activities done in Nepal. Among them peak climbing is regarded as the most challenging adventurous activity. Nepal is famous for golden dawn mountains. From the northern part it is surrounded by huge Himalayas. Among 10 highest peaks of world, eight tallest mountain are in Nepal including world tallest Mt Everest (8848 m). Many peaks are above the altitude of 8000 m above sea level. It will surely be the memorable part of every trekker’s life to climb in any of the high peaks. But to do climbing in the peaks of Nepal it should be confirmed that every trekkers should have both better physical and mental situation. Climbing is not done at once. For the adjustment of temperature we need to accumulate our self in many of the places.
Many peaks of Nepal are prohibited for climbing. Due to which we need to take special permit before climbing the peak from Nepal government. Island peak, Lobuche peak, Chulu east and Chulu west, , Cho la peak Everest peak, Pisang peak, Mera peak etc are the most famous peaks suitable for climbing. Peak climbing in Nepal was 1st done by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa & Edmund Hilary in 1953. In climbing we should have aim of only reaching on the top. To make this aim interesting we will be offered with mystical land, hidden valley, natural beauty and the risky gorges of the path. Peak climbing is not an easy task to do. So we need to have expert guides who help us to climb and use climbing materials. Our all the materials should be professional and expert. We the team of Chomolungma Adventures Pvt. Ltd. will arrange you for any of the prohibited peak for climbing with professional guides and equipments. The schedule is made according to your choice.

PeakClimbing in Nepal : 2019


Singu Chuli Peak Climbing

Singu Chuli peak (6,501 m) is the latest invention of Annapurna region suitable for climbing. Formally this peak is known as Fluted peak. Singu Chuli peak was 1st commenced by Wilf Noyce and David Cox on northern part. This peak is getting its popularity day by day because of the track of Annapurna Conservation Area. Greenery forests with wildlife such as monkeys, red panda, Langue, Himalayan black bear playing on…


Phakchhermo Peak Climbing

Everest region is full of mountains. Phakchhermo peak is one of the rolling peaks suitable for climbing. It is located at the southern side of Tesi Lapcha. This peak is newly found peak. It is not located in the map. In current time many trekkers are unknown about it. The survey of Ship tons and Gregory’s expedition made this peak famous. Glorious view of other mountains can be seen from…


Naya Kanga Peak

Langtang region is main touristic destination of Nepal. Peaks are the main attraction of these places. One of them is Naya Kanga. This peak is also famous for Ganja La Chuli. To climb this peak we need to climb through the path of Langtang National Park. The track is not so much difficult. Without any training of equipment and experience we can easily climb this peak. In our track we…


Mera Peak Climbing

More than 5000 peaks can be found in Nepal. Among them only few peaks are permitted to climb. In permitted peaks Mera peak (6461 m) located 11 km southern of Mt. Everest (world’s tallest mountain) is 18th highest peak. It looks tiny in front of 8000 m mountains. Himalayan rock and ice creates obstacle in climbing due to which climbing in Mera beak is thrilling & challenging activity. We need…


Lobuche peak climbing

Best peak to climb situated at Khumbu region is Lobuche peak. To climb this peak we need to cross two difficult summits i.e. Lobuche west summits (6145 m) & Lobuche east summit (6119 m). Both of them are very giant and hard to climb. Because of which we can have experience of adventurous activity. Magnificent views of golden dawn mountains are gifted. It is also known as the combination of…


Island Peak Climbing

More than 5000 peaks can be found in Nepal. Forgetting all Islands peak (Imja Tse 6173 m) is regarded as the most technically & challenging climbing peak. Chhukung Glacier one of the most difficult trial will be our main walking trial. The main obstacles which create difficulty in walking are Mt. Amadablam & Mt. Lotse. This peak is given name Island peak because from Dingboche the view is same like…

Chulu West Peak Climbing

Chulu West Peak Climbing

In Annapurna region there are many peaks to climb. Chulu west peak is the most renowned peak suitable for climbing. In this climb we need to walk through the very popular route Throng la pass. There are two peaks at Mt Damodar in Annapurna region i.e. Chulu east and Chulu west. Japanese expedition team first scaled chulu west peak in 1952. It is located at high altitude. So it is…